karat bars card ads I am very optimistic about the future, as I share with my friends & family  about how to get paid to save.  What is coming in the next couple of months is going to blow your socks off, “Kay Exchange”. Purchase with your Gold, just like paper money.

Be aware of the spending power today of the dollar, so super smart to be informed.

When looking over the US Inflation Calculator where it says in 1913 when you purchased something for $20.00 dollars it’ll cost you $481.50 to have the same equivalency in spending or buying power today. That’s showing a cumulative rate of inflation at 2,307.5%. So, in other words. Every $1.00 is worth .05 cents in Buying power or 100 dollars is worth 2.00!


What are your options?

1. You can work harder to make more money. This system is broken because the federal reserve will continue printing into inflation that will lead to hyperinflation.

2. You can work smarter and exchange paper money for real gold money.

Gold money by Karatbars gold bars are accepted in central banks, is used to settle debts between governments and is now affordable to the masses. And, soon to be able to exchange gold for products and services.


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Blessings Suzan

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Life Is Amazing, “In A Very Hard World.”

be differentThis morning I had such an amazing feeling inside when I realized the I am truly helping people with their lives, in a much bigger way that I could of every imagined or thought I would be used for.

I am blessed to be the daughter of the God most high, as he guides, guards and directs my daily path~


Being part of this movement is blowing me away! It’s honest, focused, simple and full of heart for a beaten up world.

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Have a blessed and amazing day~~

Warmly Suzan


Twenty Seconds of Courage!

Today I was reading about courageous people in the Bible, Joshua is the main one that was part of my study this morning. It is such an amazing word, & when we act with it~ then the world can be at your finger tips!

I made this video just for you!

Have a beautiful day!


courage poster